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squirm in(to something)

to press into something that is tight; to crawl or wiggle into something tight. (For people, this is often clothing that is too tight. For other creatures, it is more variable.) Dave squirmed into his jeans and pledged to himself that he would lose some weight. He squirmed in and knew he could never close the zipper.
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squirm out

 (of something)
1. Lit. to crawl or wiggle out of something. The worm squirmed out of its hole and was gobbled up by a bird. The worm squirmed out.
2. Fig. to escape doing something; to escape the responsibility for having done something. He agreed to go but squirmed out at the last minute. You did it and you can't squirm out of it by denying it!
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squirm with something

to fidget or move around restlessly, showing irritation of some type. The children squirmed with impatience, but they kept quiet. I squirmed with discomfort, hoping that the time on the aircraft would pass rapidly.
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squirm out

1. To extricate oneself by sly or subtle means from some situation; worm one's way out of some situation: She squirmed out of the promise she'd made without upsetting anyone. He was supposed to wash the dishes tonight, but somehow he squirmed out.
2. To free oneself from something by turning, twisting, or writhing the body: The fish squirmed out of my grasp. I put the snake in a bag, but it squirmed out.
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Because the Rockies, my latest non-human love, were born 65 million years ago, maybe the same year a meteor crashed near the Yucatan, rendering the dinosaurs irrelevant except to squirmy kindergarteners who love them and to paleontologist Paul Sereno, who was named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" which, unfortunately, is probably how most people know him .
Goodnight Baby Bear" is just right storybook to share with a wiggly, squirmy youngster who is not at all convinced that it is bedtime.
Twyford's whole-hog willingness to play this tap-dancing pig for squirmy tots reveals a few things you might not know about this busy actress.
Give them something to do - Young hunters are squirmy and restless.
It's brilliantly squirmy stuff, and oddly touching in places.
Last year's series was a riotous celebration of squirmy TV, offering programmes that managed to combine pratfalls with passion, and tension with triumph.
Start telling that story to a squirmy group of school kids and you get instant attention.
That would be precious, overalls maybe, his squirmy arms poked out of their holes.
Reading about the madness of a fictional character is one thing, but author Douglas Richardson takes us right into the whirlpool of insanity in this strange and squirmy novel, The Corruption of Zachary R.
A photo in Molly's bedroom shows her breast-feeding Cyrus well past weaning age, and several early scenes tease the squirmy possibility of incest.
A five-minute video of Grayson interrogating an increasingly squirmy Elizabeth Coleman, the Fed's inspector general, about the whereabouts of more than $1 trillion in bailout money has racked up more than 3 million views on YouTube.
In the tall grass and under the squirmy trees, Is now down to a
Modernism," like its younger cousin "postmodernism," is one of those squirmy weasel-words that is difficult to pin down long enough to gain a clear and cogent view of its meaning and referents.
You could dress a class of squirmy preschoolers in that time.
Winter tires may feel a bit squirmy when compared to conventional tires because of the softer compound and special tread configuration and design.