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squirm in(to something)

to press into something that is tight; to crawl or wiggle into something tight. (For people, this is often clothing that is too tight. For other creatures, it is more variable.) Dave squirmed into his jeans and pledged to himself that he would lose some weight. He squirmed in and knew he could never close the zipper.
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squirm out

 (of something)
1. Lit. to crawl or wiggle out of something. The worm squirmed out of its hole and was gobbled up by a bird. The worm squirmed out.
2. Fig. to escape doing something; to escape the responsibility for having done something. He agreed to go but squirmed out at the last minute. You did it and you can't squirm out of it by denying it!
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squirm with something

to fidget or move around restlessly, showing irritation of some type. The children squirmed with impatience, but they kept quiet. I squirmed with discomfort, hoping that the time on the aircraft would pass rapidly.
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squirm out

1. To extricate oneself by sly or subtle means from some situation; worm one's way out of some situation: She squirmed out of the promise she'd made without upsetting anyone. He was supposed to wash the dishes tonight, but somehow he squirmed out.
2. To free oneself from something by turning, twisting, or writhing the body: The fish squirmed out of my grasp. I put the snake in a bag, but it squirmed out.
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The second half began in a similar manner, but this time it was back-row Rhys Jones who powered his way over for a try in the corner the ball was passed to the right wing and following a huge tackle, the ball squirmed back and fly-half Sion Pringle was quick enough to gather possession and dive over the prostate bodies to claim the score.
The ones who gained the least weight had the highest level of NEAT--Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis--a very fancy way of saying they squirmed, Wiggled, tapped, and fidgeted, and in doing so burned up a bunch of calories.
At 4 months of age, 74 of them had kicked, squirmed, and cried vigorously when they heard a tape recording of a woman's voice and received other types of simple stimulation.
Clinton was reported to have squirmed uncomfortably during the homily which on the fifth Sunday of Lent dealt with adultery on the occasion of the gospel of St.
David, who was celebrating his 15th anniversary on the air, squirmed in his seat as Kim got up to her eye-jinks.
On one occasion even, I squirmed through an apostrophe lauding the Notre Dame football team.
The MP squirmed as the Wright Stuff host forced him to relive the cat impression he performed on Celebrity Big Brother.
Seven minutes later Nicky Mohan rose to meet Graham Kavanagh's corner with a header that squirmed under keeper Phil Barnes.
Three members from each team took seats on the arena's floor while their teammates squirmed in nearby bleachers.
Then, with three minutes left, Parkinson let fly from 30 yards with a shot so powerful it squirmed through Samway's grasp.
While moral theologians squirmed in their studies and politicians obfuscated even themselves, while magistrates strained at gnats and swallowed camels, and physicians sold their birthright, Joe kept a clear conscience and therefore a clear mind.
THE STARS of Coronation Street squirmed at their Christmas quiz when they were bombarded with jokes about cocaine-snorting Jimmi Harkishin.
As William went for the jugular over Alun Michael's shock resignation as Welsh First Secretary and Tony squirmed, Ann's smirk turned to broad grin.
The newborn pup squirmed behind the floorboards, prompting the residents to place a 911 call at 7:25 a.
He blushed, he squirmed, he went all shy, then said, 'Nope'.