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I remembered having seen tricksters writhe and squirm out of ropes with which they were bound, but though I writhed and squirmed like a good fellow, the knots remained as hard as ever, and there was no appreciable slack.
It is fascinating to watch someone who has lied trying to squirm out of a lie.
TGWU leader Tony Woodley said: "It is outrageous that ministers whose platinum-plated pensions are secure are seen to be trying to squirm out of their responsibilities."
"If a young kid who hasn't proven himself gets injured they will do anything they can to squirm out of paying him his contract.
He allowed a low speculative 25-yard effort by O'Dowd to squirm out of his grasp and trickle across the line for Drogheda's second goal.
A council spokesman tried to squirm out of the embarrassing error by saying: "We're glad the deliberate error was spotted so quickly.