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squirm in(to something)

to press into something that is tight; to crawl or wiggle into something tight. (For people, this is often clothing that is too tight. For other creatures, it is more variable.) Dave squirmed into his jeans and pledged to himself that he would lose some weight. He squirmed in and knew he could never close the zipper.
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squirm out

 (of something)
1. Lit. to crawl or wiggle out of something. The worm squirmed out of its hole and was gobbled up by a bird. The worm squirmed out.
2. Fig. to escape doing something; to escape the responsibility for having done something. He agreed to go but squirmed out at the last minute. You did it and you can't squirm out of it by denying it!
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squirm with something

to fidget or move around restlessly, showing irritation of some type. The children squirmed with impatience, but they kept quiet. I squirmed with discomfort, hoping that the time on the aircraft would pass rapidly.
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squirm out

1. To extricate oneself by sly or subtle means from some situation; worm one's way out of some situation: She squirmed out of the promise she'd made without upsetting anyone. He was supposed to wash the dishes tonight, but somehow he squirmed out.
2. To free oneself from something by turning, twisting, or writhing the body: The fish squirmed out of my grasp. I put the snake in a bag, but it squirmed out.
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Prepare to cringe, squirm and die of embarrassment, all the way through the 2012 Olympics.
When a walnut stock squirms, both accuracy and the rifle's point of impact can be affected, and this was the inspiration for the synthetic stock so common today.
For more information or to upload your own squirm, visit http://www.
Christians in the audience may squirm with discomfort, also.
I wonder how many men squirm at the thought of talking to their mate about that.
Even before it came out, a drug policy report from the Police Foundation, a think tank funded partly by the British government, was making politicians squirm.
I'm looking foward to sitting back over the next couple of months and watching with glee as the two 'love em and leave 'em boys squirm.
The series, executive produced by Jim Biederman of Kids in the Hall and The Tom Green Show, features off-kilter musical comedy shorts, slapstick video parodies, and side-splitting sketch comedy, garnering a loyal following and sure to make viewers laugh and squirm.
WATCHING Chris Bryant the shadow immigration minister squirm on television when questioned regarding his comments on Tesco and Next using cheap migrant labour gave me as much pleasure as watching Andy Burnham squirm when he tried to place the blame of the shoulders of the coalition for the state of the NHS regarding its failures between the years 2005 to 2010.
2 Gennaro Bracigliano with first choice Steve Mandanda suspended, allowed Mario Gomez's shot to squirm under his body in the 44th minute.
He's either deluded about how offensive the term P**i really is or he's trying to squirm his way out of some very deep trouble.
In this meticulous procedural detective novel and intense psychological thriller, Herron places listeners firmly in the minds of the protagonist and antagonist, where you sit and squirm until the last syllables of the final disk.
Hoping that the passenger door was open, Olsen crawled across the truck, but by the time he reached the door Haws had regained consciousness, rolled down the passenger-side window, and started to squirm out the opening.
The second came when Knight allowed Bignot's 20-yard shot to squirm from his grasp and Garvey raced in to score.
Dionne uses the term "progressivism" to describe the political movement of the future, but he is not just trying to squirm away from the unpopular word "liberal.