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squint like a bag of nails

To squint one's eyes severely. She definitely needs glasses—she's been squinting like a bag of nails all day.
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squint at (someone or something)

To purse one's eyelids half-shut while looking at someone or something. If you squint at Sarah, you might just mistake her for her mother. I've been squinting at this fine print for nearly 10 minutes trying to read it all.
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squint out (of) (something)

To purse one's eyelids half-shut while looking outward through an eye, opening, or apparatus. It was so steamy in the room that I spent the whole time squinting out of foggy glasses. She squinted out the window, trying to catch a glimpse of the movie star in the dazzling sunshine. My left eye is totally blind, so if I forget to wear my glasses, I have to squint out of my right eye to see anything at all.
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squint at someone or something

to look at someone or something with the eyes partly closed. (When squinting, the eyes are partly closed by pressing the upper and lower eyelids toward one another.) Why are you squinting at me? I had to squint at the small print in order to read it.
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squint out of something

1. to cast one's gaze from something, such as a place of concealment, with one's eyes partly closed. The prisoner squinted out of the little hatch in the door to his cell. You could see that many people were squinting out of the windows, trying to get a good view of the movie star who was visiting.
2. to cast one's gaze through something, such as glasses, one eye, etc., with one's eyes partly closed. she squinted out of one eye in the bright sun. Tony squinted out of his glasses and his mother decided that he needed to have his eyes checked again.
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As a short-sighted, squinty youth, I wore a pair of brown NHS specs, which some of my school contemporaries led me to believe were less than fashionable and therefore diminished me somewhat in their (perfect) eyes.
The sights though, are squinty, teensy and terrible.
Like that fella who always plays the redneck sheriff with the squinty eyes in straight-to video-nonsense.
POOR little scaredy cat Squinty was so frightened of people that it seemed she would never find a real home of her own.
High Times, that canon of squinty eyes and uncontrollable giggling, has finally recognized our sports' finest among its ranks with a story on "Extreme Stoners" and a Stacy Peralta/Tony Alva interview in its latest issue.
But while they tend to describe Handgun Control's Sarah Brady in positive terms like indefatigable, effective, and courteous, they use words like portly, sweaty, and squinty for NRA officials.
Their video features landmarks such as the Squinty Bridge and the Armadillo.
Motorists voiced frustration over long queues forming at each end of Glasgow's Squinty Bridge as 50 per cent of the roadway lay vacant.
According to the immunocompetence handicap hypothesis, macho features like a strong jaw and squinty eyes advertise that a guy possesses high testosterone but since high levels of this masculinizing hormone interfere with the immune system, the theory goes, macho men must be extra-fit to withstand the handicap their extra testosterone confers.
Never bet with a guy you met on the first tee who has a deep tan, a one-iron in his bag and squinty eyes.
Avoid the midday sun This is possibly the most unflattering light to take pictures in; it makes everyone squinty, accentuates any unwanted extra curves and will give the effect of a moustache because of the shadow under your nose.
IRELAND of old was populated with the likes of Magnus Barelegs, Faithful Fortescue, Cloudesley Shovell and Sitric the Squinty.
He said: "It's an unusual image as it captures Glasgow landmarks such as the SSE Hydro, Clyde Auditorium and the Squinty Bridge.
He's got straight black hair and he's got squinty eyes and yellow skin," the Telegraph.