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squint like a bag of nails

To squint one's eyes severely. She definitely needs glasses—she's been squinting like a bag of nails all day.
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squint at someone or something

to look at someone or something with the eyes partly closed. (When squinting, the eyes are partly closed by pressing the upper and lower eyelids toward one another.) Why are you squinting at me? I had to squint at the small print in order to read it.
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squint out of something

1. to cast one's gaze from something, such as a place of concealment, with one's eyes partly closed. The prisoner squinted out of the little hatch in the door to his cell. You could see that many people were squinting out of the windows, trying to get a good view of the movie star who was visiting.
2. to cast one's gaze through something, such as glasses, one eye, etc., with one's eyes partly closed. she squinted out of one eye in the bright sun. Tony squinted out of his glasses and his mother decided that he needed to have his eyes checked again.
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Taxis can use bus lanes in the city but not the Squinty Bridge bus lanes.
l Use a shimmery highlighter under your brow bone to cheat an instant `lift', and curl lashes to open up squinty peepers.
From Popeye brand spinach to Popeye electronic games, the squinty eyed sailor continues to motivate, fascinate and entertain the public with his unique appeal.
CROWD PLEASERS Marathon runners on the Squinty Bridge, left, cheered on by crowds, far left.
The Glasgow crossing - known as the Squinty Bridge - is set to be closed for several weeks.
He might only be 58 but with that polished forehead and squinty eyes, you'd be forgiven for mistaking him for another familiar face on TV, a certain Mr Burns?
And, yes, that squinty thing she does with her eyes is adorable.
If the President and Vice President are a double act we suspect that Bush is the squinty eyed former frat boy sitting on the knee of his hatchet faced puppet master, Dick Cheney.
Remember how she spent the whole of Jerry Maguire looking like a blubbering, squinty Cabbage Patch doll?
But her routine next to the busy Broomielaw - overlooking Glasgow's Squinty Bridge - on Tuesday drew more attention than she expected.
IT'S ALL TURNED SOUR FOR DAN TIME for Essex pub quiz magnate Daniel Lassman to batten down the hatches at The Apprentice last week as Alan Sugar had him in his squinty sights.
Dropping my load on the bottom step, I loup on to the squinty path which narrows at our front door.
They aren't stereotypically good-looking, but even though James Gandolfini is overweight and balding with squinty eyes, he is still extremely sexy.