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squint like a bag of nails

To squint one's eyes severely. She definitely needs glasses—she's been squinting like a bag of nails all day.
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squint at someone or something

to look at someone or something with the eyes partly closed. (When squinting, the eyes are partly closed by pressing the upper and lower eyelids toward one another.) Why are you squinting at me? I had to squint at the small print in order to read it.
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squint out of something

1. to cast one's gaze from something, such as a place of concealment, with one's eyes partly closed. The prisoner squinted out of the little hatch in the door to his cell. You could see that many people were squinting out of the windows, trying to get a good view of the movie star who was visiting.
2. to cast one's gaze through something, such as glasses, one eye, etc., with one's eyes partly closed. she squinted out of one eye in the bright sun. Tony squinted out of his glasses and his mother decided that he needed to have his eyes checked again.
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Whether it's rolling around on the floor in Little Havana with Elian Gonzalez or squinting down Florida state representative Randy Ball about gay adoption, Sawyer is deeply embedded in Aaron Brown-strength smarm.
Reading an old-fashioned mercury thermometer sometimes requires some squinting.
I didn't get high that day, though I remember the weird sensation of taking my first hit off a joint while squinting across the playground at a cement statue of the Virgin Mary.
One theory is that the squinting indicates a sensitivity to sunlight.
The design stops the wearer squinting at the sun - one of the main causes of wrinkles - according to the makers.
Even squinting hard, they simply cannot see beyond themselves.
Scowling, squinting and pursing the lips are all symptoms of a stress filled day and by reducing the effects of stress hormones on the facial muscles you can reduce the appearance and inhibit the development of new wrinkles.
With Two-Thirds of Consumers Agreeing that they Experience Squinting as the Result of Glare and the Sun's Bright Light, Transitions Optical Encourages Everyone to "Live Life Less Squinty" by Wearing Proper Eyewear and Scheduling Comprehensive Eye Exams
As I sat down to wait, everyone started squinting at me; you know how people with bad eyesight give you the once-over?
Squinting at a computer screen can cut in half the number of times someone blinks each minute--and that could lead to a condition called dry eye, suggests research from Ohio State University, Columbus.
Demonstrations of camaraderie on stage were minimal, suggesting relations are still stormy in the old Mick-'n'-Keef partnership, although Wood and Richards seemed to enjoy squinting at each others' fret boards.
At the roast, Gilbert Gottfried, a squinting tummler with a shrieking ferret schtick, was scorching old Hugh.
Four months ago I started squinting, so I saw my GP and he referred me to an eye consultant.
Don't worry, your baby will soon stop squinting and he'll quickly become fascinated by the world around him.
Anyone who has ever felt the frustration of constantly closing and opening windows or squinting at the small type in a spreadsheet will be amazed by the increased productivity the MVP3D dual monitor desktop will bring.