squint at

squint at (someone or something)

To purse one's eyelids half-shut while looking at someone or something. If you squint at Sarah, you might just mistake her for her mother. I've been squinting at this fine print for nearly 10 minutes trying to read it all.
See also: squint

squint at someone or something

to look at someone or something with the eyes partly closed. (When squinting, the eyes are partly closed by pressing the upper and lower eyelids toward one another.) Why are you squinting at me? I had to squint at the small print in order to read it.
See also: squint
References in classic literature ?
Well, anyway, at the end of the half-hour down she came again and took a good squint at me.
We are in a banker's-parcel case just at present, and I have been down the road taking as squint at the scene of action, and thereupon must have a word or two with our client.
For Dr Barnard, while there is potential for its use in other conditions, the impact the Eye Check could have on catching squint at a young age remains a priority.
Many youngsters said they would hide their glasses because they were embarrassed about them (26 per cent) and one in six (16 per cent) preferred to squint at the whiteboard rather than wear their specs in class.
4 Don't squint at a computer screen for hours on end - Botox doctors dub those frown lines between your eyebrows and squint lines around your eyes 'Computer Face'
But after a quick squint at Irene, Chloe and Judy, worrying about wrinkles isn't going to be high on their list of priorities just yet.
Diners in Da Luciano''s Glasshouse have, on the occasions that the sun actualy shines, been forced to squint at each other in the dining area thanks to the walls being made of pounds 500,000 worth of four inch thick glass.