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The darker the pictures are the more time it tends to take squiggling over and over the image.
Musically, I Don't Exist could be a Proclaimers singalong, Survivor boasts a 60s beat and God, What Have I Done ends in old school disco synth squiggling.
The current works set the clock back to the moment when Twombly bade farewell to the absurd loops of the gray paintings and envision for them a new progeny, one in which squiggling is no longer tied to the limited spread of handwriting.
It kept squiggling off, so we didn't have sex because she started laughing at me.
Imagine a parent holding a soapy, squiggling baby," Brown said.
Still, even in regions known to be squiggling with spirochetes, "100 out of 100 birds can test negative," Olsen says.