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get squiffy

To get drunk. Primarily heard in UK. We had all gotten more than a little squiffy by the time the evening was over. Looking forward to getting squiffy with some mates of mine this weekend.
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and squiffy (skʍɪft and ˈskʍɪfi)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. The hostess was so squiffed she could hardly stand.


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Want to ensure you're not squiffy at the end of the night?
Roman Kemp wants revenge against his parents for refusing to let him cover up his squiffy Ed Sheeran tattoo
I got up at normal time to swan inside waving my ticket and drink myself squiffy on Centre Court.
A survey in 1950 found more than 80 being bandied around the country including buck fisted, cack handed, caggy, corrie fisted, gibble fisted, keck fisted, keggy, squiffy, skiffle handed, scrammy handed and southpaw.
What we should agree on is that it's not in the best interests of world peace to have a squiffy fat bloke with a morbid fear of hairdressers as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the planet's most unstable nuclear state.
Still managing to trump it hands-down, though, was Scott, acting his socks off as a man suddenly plucked from normality and plonked back down in the same pub where he used to under-age drink while long-lost, slightly squiffy mates quizzed him about whether his parents' deaths had been suicide or murder.
At every turn, he outs himself as a man with a squiffy moral compass.
New Year is squinting into an uncertain future while getting squiffy.
Then it was time to emerge, blinking and slightly squiffy, into the daylight and rain.
Richard Madeley would be great fun to hang out with on Boxing Day, getting squiffy on Harvey's Bristol Cream.
Do you remember that time when Constance got a little squiffy and crashed into the Nativity scene, unsettling a shepherd who fell into Stanley's glass of pale ale?
In the hot seat tonight, handsome Freddie Flintoff - who's rather handsome - faces tough questioning from his old pal Piers about cricket, pedalos and presumably what it was like to bowl up to Downing Street a bit squiffy.
Asked about what he was going to tell his fans regarding the charges against him, the saucereyed and squiffy singer yells: "I'm gonna say I Feel Good, Sex Machine, Papa's Got A Brand New Bag," before getting up and doing a few unsteady hip thrusts into the camera and shouting "Hello Ted
I got a bit squiffy one night and had a quick look at one of the sites and thought I'd join up for six months and see what happened.
To be honest, the biggest thrill is that it's live and therefore whenever something goes slightly squiffy you have to roll with it, and I enjoy that.