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damp squib

Someone or something that disappoints or does not meet expectations. The film got a lot of hype, but I thought it was a bit of a damp squib.
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a damp squib

mainly BRITISH
COMMON A damp squib is something which is much less impressive or exciting than it was expected to be. As a rebellion, it was something of a damp squib. The whole campaign turned out to be a damp squib. Note: A squib is a small firework. A damp squib would not go off properly, and so it would be a disappointment.
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n. a notice; a small advertisement. There was a squib in the paper about your project.
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When the shelf life or service life of the squibs expire, don't discard them after removal.
Swan said: "It was through Squibs that I went to be apprenticed to Kevin Prendergast.
At the heart of this device is Philips Semiconductors' AU6101 squib driver IC, developed specifically to meet the Classic PLANET protocol.
Sometimes those particular squibs can be ignited by very little power source.
Eddie Davies in the Squibs, Chris Kay in the Mylnes and Roger Glover in the Hilbres each won for the second day running.
Blue Peter (Peter Read) was a new winner in the Squibs.
Brian Mather in Con Brio did stay clear in the Squibs and Scottie won again in the Menai One Designs.
The classes to go the full distance in the sunshine were the Cruisers, Falcons, Squibs, Seabirds, Operas and Handicap Dinghies and helms to win for the first time here included John Richards in the Seabird Valmai who claimed the Geoff Jones Memorial Trophy and Steve Stratton in the Handicap Dinghies aboard Misdemeanour.
It is planned to hold three low water races in Mylnes, Squibs and Etchells with experi-enced crews on hand to give instruction and guidance.
Richard Peacock led the squibs in Rebound but disappointment was to follow.
The Butterfield Trophy for the Squibs went to Richard Peacock in rebound and the Mersey Tiller for the Mylnes to another easy winner Mercator (John Smith).
John Burthem in Hawk advanced after the bridges to take pole position in the Falcons and there were also commanding wins for Chris Riley in the Hilbre Hirondelle, Chris Kay in the Mylne Meridian and Bryan Williams in the Squib Bacchante.
Other winning performances in the One Designs were achieved by John Burthem in the Falcon Hawk, Joe Bethell in the Hilbre Hilsa, Alistair Schlater in the Star Mars and Peter Ball in the Squib Kachina Two.
Howard Mattocks in the Fife Siglen, Brian Mather in the Squib Con Brio and Gareth Wright in the Hilbre Hie built up big leads and generally the boats were well spread out.