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Kincaid and Trout used standard 16-millimeter-diameter drip tape to calibrate the squeezer, but they note that it can be used with other sizes of tape, as well.
Velocity Squeezer is currently in beta testing at multiple Vhayu customer sites and will be generally available in Q3 2008.
Built utilizing the deep hardware and software expertise of the Vhayu team, Velocity Squeezer sets a new benchmark in price performance for the storage and retrieval of tick data.
Wooden spoons inside a see-through sphere with some sort of lemon squeezer shoved on the top.
When the fortnight was up, the boss told me I was a really nice girl but I just wasn't a good squeezer and she was going to have to let me go.
Mind you, having a hangar powered by a giant lemon squeezer wouldn't have helped either.
They may have put paid to my lemon squeezer, but the person who invents a skinless potato will have to prize my peeler out of my hand by brute force.
Lemon squeezer, owned by Roy and Judy Archibald of Leavenworth, Ind.
For years I carried either a small sponge ball or a spring-loaded hand squeezer in my vehicles.
Domestic design icons will be displayed alongside the vehicles, such as a 1950s radio, a Phillip Stark lemon squeezer and a Sydney Opera House breadbin.
SHAPING UP: Lemon citrus squeezer, pounds 23, from Obsessions (tel: 0171 403 2374)
Tenders are invited for Rubber Wiper Squeezer -1Feet Blade With Handle.