squeeze together

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squeeze together

1. Of two or more people or animals, to huddle or crowd very close to one another. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun can be used between "squeeze" and "together." My car's pretty small, so you'll all have to squeeze together in the back seat. The family of rabbits squeezed themselves together in the small burrow to avoid the predator.
2. To press two or more people or things firmly or compactly together. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "squeeze" and "together." They just squeezed 30 of us together in the small room and told us to await further instructions. I squeezed together the two lumps of clay so I could make a larger sculpture.
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squeeze (themselves) together

[for creatures] to press close together. The little pigs squeezed themselves together to get a better chance at some food. They squeezed together and gobbled their dinner. They squeezed themselves together to keep warm.
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squeeze someone or something together

to press people or things together. The driver squeezed us together so he could get more people in the taxi. See if you can squeeze the vegetables together a little so we can get more in the basket.
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According to Pouilly, in Moira, 30 government medical staff, psychologists and social workers are squeezed together in three rooms where they perform examinations and evaluations with little to no privacy.
Worse still, the whole lot of them were always shown squeezed together along one side of the board game.
In a grid of eighteen sunsets, all 2016, that handily delivered on the cliched sublimity of Benning's chosen subject, the wooden pieces alternately evoked expressionist painted lines (Sunset 5, with its messy ripples) or lumps of Play-Doh squeezed together (Sunset 2 and 3, with their thick, multicolored bands).
On the bottom step, squeezed together were three young Greek Cypriot women, all wearing white dresses and no older than 25.
A gridded cartogram projection from these patterns created over the ocean-surface therefore increases these spaces in the map image, while the land areas alongside are squeezed together to give space for the most polluted parts of the map (figure 1).
Keeping the shoulder blades squeezed together, gently extend the elbows, lowering the arms to the side.
And sometimes the breasts, squeezed together or lifted up, the nipples
A photograph seen by AFP from inside the building showed over 50 students squeezed together lying down on the ground, all them apparently executed where they lay.
Virtually all cities (except for the few 'artificially created' ones such as Brasilia or Jayaputra) were once revolting slums where the majority squeezed together while the rich and powerful built little islands of affluence.
SCROONCHED variant of 'scrunched', squeezed together. [Web3]
About 20 staffers squeezed together on plastic chairs and were repeatedly doused with buckets of water, first by Garden Way residents and then by other staff members, before challenging all other retirement communities in Eugene and Springfield to do the same.
Their flat is so small two beds cannot be squeezed together and she and Jayson are physically unable to sleep in the same room.
Next time the steps brought them together he went a little further and as he brought her slowly down she leaned in to him, breasts squeezed together level with his mouth.