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n. an accordion. (see also groan box.) My brother plays the squeeze-box—not very well, but who can tell? The band consisted of drums, clarinet, and a box. A real winner.
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laying back in an armchair listening to Tord Grip play Swedish folk songs on his squeeze-box.
Ceilidhs, country dances, Mods, weddings, the White Heather Club and countless broadcasts wouldn't be worth a "hooch" without the squeeze-box, .
Adding macho insult to ethnic injury, most of Proulx's squeeze-box players are men, who jealously guard the accordion as a man's instrument," cruelly, sometimes violently, inciting daughters and wives to permanent flight.
Algora not infrequently worked the bellows of his squeeze-box without pressing the buttons -- effectively making the thing breathe (or wheeze) but not allowing it to sing.
BEFORE that double helping of squeeze-box, there are two interesting shows on Tuesday.
TORD Grip is planning to unveil his secret weapon to spur on England's injury-hit squad: his squeeze-box.
I intend voting for it, and as I'm sure Senator Camillus Glynn would attest to on his squeeze-box, sometimes the devil has all the best tunes.
Instead, he loves the old-fashioned squeeze-box and counts Jimmy Shand among his heroes.
SQUEEZE-BOX Queen Sharon Shannon continues her Each Little Thing nationwide tour tonight in Dublin's Temple Bar Music Centre.