squeeze together

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squeeze together

1. Of two or more people or animals, to huddle or crowd very close to one another. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun can be used between "squeeze" and "together." My car's pretty small, so you'll all have to squeeze together in the back seat. The family of rabbits squeezed themselves together in the small burrow to avoid the predator.
2. To press two or more people or things firmly or compactly together. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "squeeze" and "together." They just squeezed 30 of us together in the small room and told us to await further instructions. I squeezed together the two lumps of clay so I could make a larger sculpture.
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squeeze (themselves) together

[for creatures] to press close together. The little pigs squeezed themselves together to get a better chance at some food. They squeezed together and gobbled their dinner. They squeezed themselves together to keep warm.
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squeeze someone or something together

to press people or things together. The driver squeezed us together so he could get more people in the taxi. See if you can squeeze the vegetables together a little so we can get more in the basket.
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The easiest way to apply that force is to squeeze them together using tongue-and-groove pliers, such as Channellocks.
Take sm handfuls of t mixture and inced arlic, parsley ng in a gether mall the squeeze them together to make 8-10 meatballs.
Spoon mounds of the mixture onto the trays and then, using your hands, squeeze them together - it gets sticky!
I find it easiest to use my hands: grab the ingredients and squeeze them together then, when the mixture forms a rough dough, knead it gently for a minute just to bring it completely together.
When I explained that the old bars were too small to use, she told me to squeeze them together or squeeze them onto the new bar.
Right: As shown in this photo sent by Von Edwards, Roosevelt, Utah, hooks at the end of the tool's arms hook over the old split rims to squeeze them together, allowing the new or repaired tire to be slipped on.
Bottom firmers: Lie on your back with a stability ball between your legs and squeeze them together. If you don't have a stability ball, a pillow or cushion will work just as well.
Holding eight-pound dumbbell weights, pull your elbows back in a rowing motion, and squeeze them together. Then try a seated row, using a Theraband around your feet, and pulling your elbows back.
Patients who have difficulty doing the buttocks squeeze should place one hand on each buttock and gently squeeze them together, holding for a few seconds, and then releasing.
Take seven pages of this GUNS magazine and squeeze them together. The thickness of those seven pages is approximately equal to the constriction of a modified choke in a 12-gauge barrel.
These handy little clamps are basically bent spring steel with sharp points that grab the moldings and squeeze them together. They're perfect for holding small pieces of mitered trim together while the glue dries and for clamping crown molding miters while you pin them together.