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"The scale of the pay squeeze took everyone by surprise, with most economists predicting far higher unemployment instead.
Swerdloff continued, "New Yorkers are very health conscious, so we're expecting an overwhelming response to The Squeeze in the new Greenwich Village location."
These new 'Squeeze A Little' Pesto sauces are indispensable to anyone who loves Pesto and will make it easy to squeeze this Italian favourite onto even more favourite daily dishes."
In 2010 he returned to his roots with Squeeze and released the album Spot The Difference, a collection of 14 of their best-loved hits, re-recorded by the band to be as close to the original versions as possible - while challenging their fans to spot the difference.
Having prepared the family meal, pop it in the Fill n Squeeze jug, use the masher provided, fill the pouch, and then squeeze when the time is right.
Formed in 1973 in South London by Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, Squeeze have written some of the most instantly recognisable pop songs of modern times including Up The Junction, Cool For Cats and Tempted.
We buy freshly squeezed orange juice because we do not have the time to squeeze oranges ourselves.
And how about making nut butter as pocket friendly as a wallet, by putting it, say, in a 1.5-ounce squeeze pack?
Arrow (arrowfastener.com) tackled the hard squeeze issue with some clever engineering on its redesigned T50R.E.D.
WHEN Squeeze played the Echo Arena last year, their biggest fan was so pleased to see them that he jumped onto the stage.
According to Advocate-General Jan Mazak, Deutsche Telekom (DT) was guilty of abuse of dominant position on the German telecommunications market from 1998 to May 2003 by practicing a 'margin squeeze' policy.
Cosmogen continues to expand its Squeeze Family product range, with the launch of the Pump N Tint 20ml airless pump with brush and refillable cartridge option.
Operates similarly to a tweezer; squeeze the vacuum bulb; place the soft suction cup to the part to be handled; then squeeze and the part is firmly gripped.
I'm a man, I'm a man, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze for the love of Georgia.