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GoGo squeeZ heard repeatedly from adults looking to celebrate their "inner kid" that they wanted a squeezable fruit snack that fit into their lifestyles.
With more adults and children snacking than ever before, GoGo squeeZ, the widely popular squeezable, no-mess, 100% fruit, applesauce-based pouch, is taking its Goodness on the Go campaign quite literally on the go with a large-scale consumer engagement program that will touch thousands of consumers in need of better for you snack options in more than 12 cities across the United States.
Organic Baby Food Puree Pouches are squeezable pouches containing between 2 and 3 grams of fiber, a blend of vitamins A, E and Zinc and 45% of the daily-recommended amount of vitamin C.
50 This product, which is available in both peach and pink, comes in a squeezable tube with a brush for easy application, meaning you can apply straight onto your face to avoid unnecessary mess on your fingers.
Rayoface[TM] CZDI, a high performance clear high gloss film, and Rayoface[TM] WZDI, a white high gloss non cavitated film extend the range of squeezable films into the digital marketplace.
After a poor 2006, sales bounced back in 2007 thanks to the popularity of squeezable packs.
SPONGES:These are female - because they are soft, squeezable and prone to water retention.
Playfood makes squeezable, semi-viscous vegan cheeses that are as fun to eat as their whimsical labels imply.
The single serving, squeezable dose supplies kids with the health benefits of omega 3s with easy-to-take packets in a lemon lime flavor.
Sponges: Female, because they're soft and squeezable and retain water.
But add in Jamie Theakston's bum - it always looks so squeezable.
The new 250ml round bottle was designed to meet the demand for more variety in squeezable bottles.
Now even softer and more squeezable, these cuddly characters are available in The Disney Store nationwide and whether you prefer Winnie the Pooh or Donald Duck, there's no finer friend to snuggle up to.
Markets for barrier bottles remained stubbornly limited to squeezable catsup, plus some juice and pesticide containers--not exactly pushing glass off the grocer's shelf.
Santa Barbara decided to forsake scanning ability for stability and developed squeezable tunnel junctions.