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"Borsoft SL600M0 takes Borealis into the new application area of squeezable PP cosmetics tubes with a step change offering in performance, short lead times and sustainability.
It looks like a note, has a squeezable head, a playable neck and a voice like a Stylophone gone bonkers.
Jolly Llama Squeezable Whole Fruit Sorbets are available in the freezer section of selected stores.
c.) I am the squeezable, vitamin C-packed summer fruit.
It is made from a cozy fabric and has a soft squeezable ball in the center of the muff; three exchangeable "twiddle" gadgets (a satin bag containing movable marbles, a strand of textured ribbons, and a loop of colorful wooden beads); a colorful, multisize button patch; and a satiny pocket for personal essentials.
Ralph and Luella Gamber were also the co-inventors of the famous squeezable honey bear container.
CAROL Vorderman has undoubtedly cornered the market when it comes to presenting a squeezable, squeaky clean image via her daily stint on TV's Countdown.
The squeezable tube makes this easy to use and it is moisturising for the skin but its pigments mean it is heavily into glitter and would probably make a better choice for younger shoppers.
These squeezable, super-soft, huggable pillows with faux fur on one side are filled with millions of microbeads that instantly contour to the body.
Its debut was the six- layer PP/EVOH squeezable bottle for Heinz ketchup in 1983.
The Tall Spout Dispenser family features the company's snap-back hinge, an ideal choice for squeezable food products.
The most common way to make antibubbles is to first fill a glass and a squeezable bottle or bulb with a solution containing a mild soap.
April 17, 2003: A waxwork of Brad Pitt with a squeezable bottom went on display at Madame Tussards.
With a variety of pot sizes to satisfy every appetite, Munch Bunch also has two great 'on-the-move' options: Munch Bunch Drinky is a super-cool yogurt-style drink made with real strawberry puree and Munch Bunch Squeezy comes in yummy squeezable pods of fromage frais.
It also features a squeezable head that covers the entire front of the device.