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squeal like a stuck pig

To make a loud, shrill squealing sound, typically out of pain. I'm a little embarrassed to say that whenever I get a shot, I squeal like a stuck pig.
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squeal on (one)

To inform a figure of authority about someone else's crime, wrongdoing, or transgression. I'm afraid the mafia will make a hit on me since I squealed on them to the police about their money-laundering operation. Why would you squeal on me to the teacher like that? Don't tell your sister anything, she'll squeal on us the first chance she gets.
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squeal with (something)

To utter a loud cry or shriek because of some intense emotion. The best part of Christmas is watching the kids squeal with delight when they open up their presents. I squealed with surprise when the mouse darted out from under the bed.
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squeal (on someone) (to someone)

Fig. to report someone to someone. Max was afraid that the witness would squeal on him to the cops. Sally threatened to squeal to the boss. Please promise you won't squeal on me!

squeal with something

Fig. to shriek or squeak, exhibiting some characteristic emotion or experience, such as delight, pain, glee, etc. The baby saw the bright picture and squealed with delight. Timmy squealed with excitement when he saw the presents and the birthday cake.
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squeal like a stuck pig

If someone squeals like a stuck pig, they scream very loudly, as though they are in a lot of pain. The baby squealed like a stuck pig. Note: Other verbs such as scream and roar can be used instead of squeal. Alan tried to calm him while Miller continued to scream like a stuck pig. Note: In this expression, `stuck' means stabbed with something such as a pointed stick or a skewer.
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squeal (or yell) like a stuck pig

squeal or yell loudly and shrilly.
A stuck pig is one that is being butchered by having its throat cut; compare with bleed like a stuck pig above.
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squeal on

To disclose incriminating information about someone: The accountant squealed on her corrupt managers. He squealed on his brother for jumping on the bed.
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in. to inform (someone about something). Who squealed to the cops?
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I thought I would never hear a pig squealing again without shuddering - that was until I had to listen to the same noise coming from the major bookies.
Here are some of the ten stories that explore the dark side of human nature: "Singing My Sister Down," about a civilization that uses the tar pits to slowly execute criminals; "Sweet Pippit," in which elephants revolt after their sweet trainer Pippit is jailed; "Earthly Uses," where angels have voices "like a sheep flock, scattering in panic, the big ewes baying, the lambs squealing, all in the same sound" and iron wing claws.
Q: When I start my engine I hear a squealing noise.
Among the best of Golden and Kim's choices are two that play off musical ideas: Xaviera Simmons's Landscape: Playground (It Ain't Hard to Tell), 2005, in which looped audio and video from a squealing summertime water-gun battle seem to morph, through repeated listenings, from chaotic cacophony into richly musical rhythm; and the deeply affecting Winter in America, 2005, by Hank Willis Thomas and Kambui Olujimi, which uses skillful writing and inventive cinematography to wring real drama from the cadre of modified GI Joe-style figures the directors use to enact the story of the 2000 murder of Thomas's cousin in a snowy Philadelphia parking lot.
But Harvey, who was on Chelsea's books as a youngster, only stayed in the water for a few seconds before running out squealing. He and the others are competing for selection to play against a legends team at Newcastle United's St James's Park.
But they also reacted with signs of confusion and distress, such as squealing, curling up on the floor, and trying to escape from the test chamber.
Terence Corcoran in the Post was reminded of Pierre Trudeau's description of this party as "seagulls, squawking and squealing above the ship of state and pretending."
Squealing brakes cost auto manufacturers several hundred million dollars a year in warranty repairs and are among consumers' top 20 vehicle complaints--even in luxury cars.
OUR revelation that David Blunkett will introduce identity cards in November's Queen's Speech is sure to get the civil liberties lobby squealing.
Companies will start announcing disinvestments, the chambers of commerce will start squealing like trained seals the Alliance party can be counted on to begin piling on as much as possible, and Paul Martin will be squirming.
The pads, which are the torque-producing wear components on DFE's pneumatic dual disk brakes, are warranted not to create annoying squealing or screeching sounds during operation.
It was just after evensong, as formal goodbyes were being offered to visitors, that Sister Michael heard the squealing of a pig and learned that the animal was being slaughtered just off to the side of the worshippers for the pig roast that would follow.
If Microsoft's November 15 ship date held true, then 1.5 million Xbox game systems were delivered to neighborhood toy shops to the squealing delight of children and adult children everywhere.
"If the actors and real members were identical, the whole team would be very sissy and squealing."
On February 27, a Florida WXTB rock-radio DJ known as "Bubba the Love-Sponge Clem" staged the on-air castration and killing of a squealing pig.