squeal with

squeal with (something)

To utter a loud cry or shriek because of some intense emotion. The best part of Christmas is watching the kids squeal with delight when they open up their presents. I squealed with surprise when the mouse darted out from under the bed.
See also: squeal

squeal with something

Fig. to shriek or squeak, exhibiting some characteristic emotion or experience, such as delight, pain, glee, etc. The baby saw the bright picture and squealed with delight. Timmy squealed with excitement when he saw the presents and the birthday cake.
See also: squeal
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HAPPY: They squeal with delight as they splash around in the water on their California holiday; COME TO MAMA: Kori warms to stepmother Britney as the singer blows raspberries in the pool; CUDDLE: Britney with husband Kevin