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squawk about something

to complain about something. stop squawking about how much money you lost. I lost twice as much. What are you squawking about now?
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1. in. to complain. Some people squawk because they don’t have anything else to do.
2. n. a complaint. Here’s another squawk from the lady on the third floor.
3. tv. & in. to reveal or blab something. She squawked the whole business to the fuzz.

squawk box

n. a public-address system; a loudspeaker, especially if installed in a box or other housing. A raspy voice came over the squawk box announcing the arrival of what we had been waiting for.
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In fact, it often fosters negative or apathetic attitudes in buyers, as in the passive and squawker groups of the study.
The toy's manufacturer, Hasbros, says it sees no reason why Squawkers McCaw cannot be as big a hit as the talking kittens and puppies the global toy manufacturer has already released.
The College Chapel filly is owned by the Superstar Leo Partnership and, intriguingly, had her first run just two days after Leo Blair was foaled, thus ending a 150-year drought of squawkers at Number Ten.
Squawkers McCaw FurReal Friends Parrot - $25 - $70, eBay
However, for those children who would like their own pet parrot, without any of the mess, there is the new Squawkers McCaw
Squawkers McCaw, the FurReal Friends Parrot, is pounds 69.
Pop pickers will know this as the opening line of that most popular of hen night party karaoke squawkers, I Will Survive.
From SQUAWKERS McCAW the FURREAL FRIENDS PARROT, the newest and most realistic member of the popular FURREAL FRIENDS line who was awarded "Best of Show" at DigitalLife for "Children's Gift" by the editors of PC Magazine, to the POWER TOUR ELECTRIC GUITAR to THE GAME OF LIFE TWISTS & TURNS, Hasbro has what kids want this holiday season.
Squawkers McCaw is a talkin', squawkin', and totally unpredictable play pal who has programmable features so you can train him to do a whole lot more too.
Attendees will also want to "flock" to the Hasbro booth for SQUAWKERS McCAW THE FURREAL FRIENDS PARROT.
Standing at 30cm, Squawkers McCaw FurReal Parrot is set to entertain thousands of children this year, while their parents prepare to strangle the annoying fowl.
Danny and Jo though are not so sure that live music is what the people want and as such have been reluctant to reintroduce the Friday night karoake which drew more than its fair share of tone deaf I Will Survive squawkers.
SQUAWKERS McCAW, The Bird to Be Heard[TM], Lands on Retail Shelves Nationwide
Headcase: Everything you need for a party, this Party Hat Box includes ten hats, ten plastic garlands, five foil horns, five fringed squawkers and foil confetti, pounds 14.
This fall, the FURREAL FRIENDS will release SQUAWKERS MCCAW the FURREAL FRIENDS PARROT who can repeat words, be "taught" to speak, respond to touch, make sassy sounds and even dance.