squawk about

squawk about (someone or something)

1. To talk about something in a loud, grating, obnoxious manner. He's spent the last half an hour squawking about the new girl he's dating. A: "What's Mary squawking about now?" B: "Oh, she's off on some long-winded explanation of postmodernism."
2. To complain about something in a loud, grating, peevish manner. If I have to listen to him squawk about the election for the next hour, I'm going to scream.
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squawk about something

to complain about something. stop squawking about how much money you lost. I lost twice as much. What are you squawking about now?
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Lost Vegas became Vegasland, a wholesome middle-American theme-park resort or, as Nick Tosches calls it in his intro to the recently published, elegiac anthology Literary Las Vegas, "a corporate-run nightmare draped in the cotton candy of family values." Though pols may squawk about our unraveling moral fabric, the sometime crime of gambling, legitimated by both church and state, has been reborn as an essential source of tax revenue, a $30 billion mass entertainment providing half a million predominantly low-salary service jobs (mainly, as journalist Marc Cooper notes, for the "displaced white working class" of "the new downsized order").