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squawk about something

to complain about something. stop squawking about how much money you lost. I lost twice as much. What are you squawking about now?
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1. in. to complain. Some people squawk because they don’t have anything else to do.
2. n. a complaint. Here’s another squawk from the lady on the third floor.
3. tv. & in. to reveal or blab something. She squawked the whole business to the fuzz.

squawk box

n. a public-address system; a loudspeaker, especially if installed in a box or other housing. A raspy voice came over the squawk box announcing the arrival of what we had been waiting for.
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While signing copies of Squawk 7700 at author events, Peter discovered that his expert knowledge and eBook publishing skills were in high demand, so he started offering eBook conversion consulting services.
Caroline Hallam, who lives on Smithy Close, said: "I have seen it on several occasions and on other times heard its very loud squawk.
She had invited me to come on Squawk Box not to defend that idea but to discuss it.
In the morning, she prepared her presentation on the squawk box, plus she helped plan the upcoming "road show' for Munsingwear.
Transponders work on secondary radar, allowing ATC to observe both altitudes and squawk codes.
When you have to maneuver and break a vector or altitude assignment, be sure to squawk emergency.
These days you are given a single squawk code that will not change even if you pass through multiple Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs).
An open source technology based entirely on Java technology, the Sun SPOT release includes hardware architecture, software and the Squawk Java Virtual Machine (VM).
More air carrier conversation, then: "Cessna 106, squawk 3246.
I don't squawk posh but I'm ready to enjoy a punt on the river and plenty to eat and drink.
Palm Beach Approach: "Cessna Three One Five Tango Papa, squawk 1454.
The winners will be announced at a black-tie event hosted by CNBC Squawk Box co-anchors, Becky Quick and Joe Kernan.
Tim Curry has fun as the lead German, telling one pigeon prisoner: ``We have ways of making you squawk.
Some joke it should be You'll Never Squawk Alone but I fear he is alone now.
Meat, Running Money, The End of Medicine; Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig; Internationally known CalTech educator Carver Mead; Michael Milken, Chairman, Milken Institute; Chairman, FasterCures; Economics Nobel Laureate Robert Mundell; Intel CTO, Justin Rattner; John Rutledge, Global economist and Forbes on Fox; Cavuto on Business; CNBC's Squawk Box commentator, and over three dozen of today's top technology and communications business leaders.