squash into

squash into (something)

1. To fit in(side of something) very snugly or compactly. We all had to squash into his tiny truck. I know the bag looks small, but the sleeping bag squashes into it without a problem.
2. To force or compel someone or something to fit inside of something by crushing, compressing, or compacting them or it. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "squash" and "into." I only have one suitcase, so I always have to squash all my clothes into it whenever I travel. They tried to squash 40 of us into that dinky little classroom.
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squash something into something

 and squash something in
to press or mash something into something. she squashed the clay into the mold. she squashed in the clay and started to make a bowl.
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Slice the neck of the squash into 1/8-inch rounds and slice the base into 1/8-inch half circles.
THIS week we turn a squash into a spooky Halloween pumpkin.
We have to be far more strategic and creative to ensure squash's continued success, including England's support for the World Squash Federation's campaign to get squash into the Olympics."
American Indians often turned the hard squash into natural casseroles.
First, cut winter squash open to make halves, cut tops from small squash, or cut larger squash into slabs or chunks.