squash in

squash something in

to crush or make something concave by squashing or mashing. The children squashed the Halloween jack-o'—lantern in and ruined it. someone squashed in the lampshade.
See also: squash
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He said in his meeting with the PSF president, he had discussed a plan to initiate recovery and uplift the standard of squash in the country.
While speaking at the occasion, the Air Chief lauded the efforts made by PSF for the promotion of Squash in the country.
While showing his satisfaction over revival of international squash in Pakistan, he desired that the provincial squash associations and other members of PSF should made concerted efforts to expand the game.
To get the earliest squash in the neighborhood, I have tried various techniques.
The East Coast Squash Academy is a value-add to existing squash clubs generating additional revenue by leveraging off-peak time slots whilst promoting the sport of squash in an variety of innovative ways.
Now we see the need to start afresh and this tournament will go a long way in sparking this growth for squash in the UAE," Al Bannai added.
Place squash in a roasting tin and drizzle with olive oil.
Everybody within squash in Wales sends a big thanks to Chris for all the work he has put in over many years," said Mike Workman, director of coaching and development.
Some of the children who began to play when we first started playing squash in schools are now playing regularly for both the men's and ladies' teams at Nunthorpe Squash Club.
79 for 430ml) contain all-natural squash in orange, apple, and blackcurrant & apple flavours.
We have won so many laurels in squash in the past and it's a pity that we are no more the champions.
Along with technician Henry Graham, Eischen is monitoring Peponapis and honey bees on early plantings of squash in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
If it doesn't, microwave squash in 1-minute intervals until it does.
I first started cooking with spaghetti squash in 2004, when the low-carb frenzy was at full speed.
Immerse squash in boiling water or steam for 3 minutes, set aside.