squash down

squash something down

to crush something down; to pack something down. squash the ice cream down so the air will be pushed out. Who squashed down my hat?
See also: down, squash
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The Burning - Blood Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Daniel Pemberton For as long as I can remember I have relied on great film music to inspire me choreographically or help me squash down and contain my emotional responses to certain situations.
4 Next, using a fish slice, squash down the middle of the pastry.
I played with a friend who had the psychological intimidation aspect of squash down to a T, to the extent that he earned himself the nickname The Beast.
This is because the discs of cartilage in your spine expand when you lie down then squash down again once you get up.
Hold the notched spreader almost at right angles to the wall to leave neat ridges of adhesive that the tiles squash down.
Holding the notched spreader almost at right angles to the wall will leave neat ridges of adhesive that will squash down flat when the tiles are pressed into place.
Or, on a flat surface, squash down the W with your thumb, then release it to let the cricket jump.
Squash down well and cover with a plate with a weight on top.
We store potatoes, carrots and squash down there, and this year we are walling off a small area in one corner to serve as a root cellar.
Packed into the Leppings Lane terrace like sardines, it was so uncomfortable, fellow Liverpool fans were being raised like Lazarus from the suffocating squash down below into the relative comfort of the stand above.
Some strips can be a bit feeble so within a couple of years they start to squash down or break up.