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square meal

A wholesome, nutritious meal. The hot lunch program at school provides square meals for underprivileged children.
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square (meal)

a good and nutritious meal. (Always with quantifier when square is used without meal.) I need three squares a day—at least. The old beggar looks like he could use a square meal.




1. mod. old-fashioned; law-abiding; stodgy. Man, you are really square.
2. n. a person who behaves properly. You are a square if I ever saw one.
3. and square joint n. a tobacco cigarette, compared to a marijuana cigarette. I’ll take a reefer. I’ve heard that square joints will give you cancer.
4. tv. to settle or to make something right. Will twenty bucks square the matter?
5. Go to square (meal).
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In Pierre Fabre we selected a partner with a European and emerging market focus in oncology to develop and commercialize binimetinib and encorafenib in these geographies," said Ron Squarer, Chief Executive Officer, Array BioPharma.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 features corners that a little squarer compared to before.
If I could change one thing: There isn't very much I would change but I probably would have preferred a squarer room, rather than the rectangle that it is as I think it would have been a better shape for family functions.
The vehicle features a reshaped lower air intake that flares outwards at the bottom, along with squarer air intakes and integrated LED running lights to both sides, and a rear with revised LED taillights.
As part of Hospira's continued commitment to expand its biosimilar portfolio, we are proud to announce that Nivestim has received licence approval from the EC," said Ron Squarer, chief commercial officer, Hospira.
To my eyes it's a squarer tail, a longer and blunter mouth which ends past the eye, and the number of scales - 12 on salmon, up to 15 on sewin.
The rear hatch has a nice sharp angle to it compared to the squarer XC90.
I would suggest moving the ball a little more central in the stance rather than too far forward, getting the shoulders a little bit squarer and maybe aiming the left shoulder at the target a little bit more, as if looking down the barrel of a gun.
Men will exhibit symmetrical facial features, look athletic, and have squarer jaws, deeper voices - and bigger penises.
The trouble is the new trains are rounded at the bottom so they are further away from the platform than the old trains which are much squarer.
And you Smokey, move a little bit squarer at fine leg".
According to Patent Bolt, the next Galaxy S5 could be squarer in shape with minimal bezel around the screen.
With this agreement, Hospira expands its reach to new markets for filgrastim, and its global manufacturing capacity for pegfilgrastim," said Ron Squarer, senior vice president, Global Marketing and Corporate Development, Hospira.
I've just got to get Roger's eyes checked, because I thought the post was a little bit squarer than the ball.