square (one's) account

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square (one's) account

1. To settle one's debt; to pay what one owes to someone. You'll need to square your account before you check out of the hotel.
2. To avenge a misdeed. Typically followed by "with (someone)." Oh, I'll square my account with him after school—with my fists!
See also: account, square

square your/an acˈcount (with somebody)


square acˈcounts (with somebody)

1 pay somebody the money you owe them: You can square your account at the end of the week.
2 hurt somebody, usually because they have done something bad to you: I’m here to square accounts with Murphy for what he did to my sister.
See also: account, square
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Although Cox's arguments are generally convincing, it is difficult to square his account of an army that proved unable to adapt to changing circumstances of warfare before 1870, with his conclusion that the tactical stalemate and "woeful inability to adapt to a new tactical environment" in World War I were the direct result of the unfortunate substitution after 1871 of conscripts for the long-service professional army (191).