square (one's) account

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square (one's) account

1. To settle one's debt; to pay what one owes to someone. You'll need to square your account before you check out of the hotel.
2. To avenge a misdeed. Typically followed by "with (someone)." Oh, I'll square my account with him after school—with my fists!
See also: account, square

square your/an acˈcount (with somebody)


square acˈcounts (with somebody)

1 pay somebody the money you owe them: You can square your account at the end of the week.
2 hurt somebody, usually because they have done something bad to you: I’m here to square accounts with Murphy for what he did to my sister.
See also: account, square
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The former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto who herself is accused of corruption and facing trials in Switzerland and Britain now is in the forefront to square her accounts with Sharifs.