square (one's) account

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square (one's) account

1. To settle one's debt; to pay what one owes to someone. You'll need to square your account before you check out of the hotel.
2. To avenge a misdeed. Typically followed by "with (someone)." Oh, I'll square my account with him after school—with my fists!
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square your/an acˈcount (with somebody)


square acˈcounts (with somebody)

1 pay somebody the money you owe them: You can square your account at the end of the week.
2 hurt somebody, usually because they have done something bad to you: I’m here to square accounts with Murphy for what he did to my sister.
See also: account, square
References in classic literature ?
If they do not square accounts with me about my cows, I will go down to Hades and shine there among the dead.
Offer valid for new Square customers upon creation of a Square Account at Square's UK Pop-Up Shop from 1 September to 30 September, 2017.
Customers would create their own, free Square account and would simply say their name out loud to pay.
Funds are dumped into an individual's Square account to be removed before anyone catches on, according to the hackers.
Log in and register to see how it all works and to play you must have or start a Blue Square account.
Thanks to Iron Mike bouncing our boy all over the ring for four minutes, we arrived at work yesterday to find our Blue Square account full enough to fund a belated launch party for kelly's i.
Pay by voice sees retailers download a free Square application to an iPad, which turns into a digital cash register, while customers create their own, free Square account by providing their name, a password, photo and saving their card details on their profile.
j j Wednesday, May 6 Got my pounds 60 off my buddy, pocketed pounds 35 of it and invested the other pounds 25 on some speculative Chelsea versus Barcelona scorecasts on his Blue Square account (pounds 10 Lionel Messi to score first and a 2-2 draw at 100-1, pounds 10 Didier Drogba to score first and a 2-2 draw at 90-1, and pounds 5 Alex to score first and a 3-3 draw at 1,325-1).
A longtime advocate of industry standards, Kuperberg requires that all Cooper square Account Executives become certified, reasoning that certification demonstrates a higher level of professional commitment.
I had pounds 20 on Kenwyne Jones to score first and the 2-2 draw at 90-1 on a mate's Blue Square account (because I couldn't remember my details) and then I decided to ring up to try to re-ignite my own account for pounds 20 on 2-2 and David Bentley to score last at 250-1 (only 125-1 elsewhere).
It's free to enter but you must have or open a Blue Square account.
We published the answers in last Sunday's edition, and named the six lucky winners, headed by Maggie McEwan of Old Oxted in Surrey, who has received the pounds 1,500 in a Blue Square account.
In return, we will give them something that has not been seen before in a betting shop - the facility for touch-screen access to bet from their Blue Square account, or to use cash through the terminals, or, if they really want it, service at a counter.
60-year-old, who must be developing some kind of reputation as a quiz guru in the Canterbury area, figures among five runners-up who each receive a prize of pounds 100 deposited in a Blue Square account.
Piggott is among five runners-up, who each receive pounds 100 deposited into a Blue Square account.