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squander (something) on (someone or something)

To waste some resource by using it for the benefit of someone or something. I can't believe I squandered the best years of my life on you! So you're telling me that we squandered half a million dollars on a new infrastructure that is already outdated?
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squander away

To use up or fail to take advantage of some resource in a wasteful, frivolous, or negligent manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "squander" and "away." I'm not about to lend you any more cash—you already squandered the $100 away that I gave you! In my old age, I look back on my life and bemoan squandering away my youth. It makes me sad to think of her squandering her potential away in some dead-end office job.
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squander something away

to waste something; to use up something valuable wastefully. Where is all the money I gave you last month? Did you squander it all away? Frank squandered away all his assets.
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squander something on someone or something

to waste all of something on someone or something. I am tired of squandering money on this rickety old house. I squandered a fortune on Roger and what did it get me?
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or we see al-Assad squandering his last chance before additional measures will have to be considered.
'Squandering public money is tantamount to squandering responsibility itself TradeArabia News Service
"Arrest warrants were issued against 455 persons on charges of embezzlement, 132 on bribery, 2008 on counterfeit, 207 on premeditated squandering of public funds and 382 on squandering of public funds with dereliction," Ghazali added.
In the new work, published May 21 in Physical Review Letters, Scully proposes that photon squandering can be curbed through a process called quantum coherence, in which atoms are in two energetic states simultaneously.
Al Ain and Bani Yas were joint in third place before the match with 17 points each but Bani Yas played their worst match this season and surrendered completely to their opponents specially in midfield while their defenders committed fatal individual and organisational mistakes which made it easier for the Al Ain's strikers to score six goals while squandering as many, thanks mainly to the woodwork and lack of concentration specially from Brazilian striker Emerson who scored twice from the penalty spot while squandering three chances from one against one situations while the upleft denied him another goal.
Macclesfield manager Keith Alexander was left cursing his luck with Nat Brown squandering a glorious chance of making the breakthrough when he headed over from six yards.
Tamworth's only independent councillor, Chris Cooke, accused the borough council of "squandering" cash in a bid to "brainwash" tenants into handing their homes to a new landlord.
The title of the exhibition was Outrage, and it was a protest at the rebuilding of Liverpool city centre along the street lines of the Victorian city and squandering the town planning opportunity that the wartime destruction of the south side of town presented.
In his New Year message, Plaid Cymru's National Assembly leader has accused Labour of squandering European aid cash.
"Altruism" of the sort extolled by President Bush--a president squandering money earned by taxpayers, and sacrificing the lives of their sons and daughters, on behalf of foreign strangers--is a moral abomination and a crime against constitutional republicanism.
That the Scottish people have not taken to the streets by the thousand in violent protest at this obscenely irresponsible and most undemocratic [pounds sterling]430 million squandering of their tax money, is quite remarkable.
Advocating a military withdrawal by January 31, 2005, Exiting Iraq emphasizes the importance of orchestrating a foreign policy that clearly defines and protects vital American interests overseas without squandering lives or resources.
The Government was warned yesterday that it risked squandering the peace in Iraq as it announced 1,000 extra British troops are to be deployed to the Gulf.
(1.) Samet JH et al., Discontinuation from HIV medical care: squandering treatment opportunities, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 2003, 14(2):244-255.