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squander away

To use up or fail to take advantage of some resource in a wasteful, frivolous, or negligent manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "squander" and "away." I'm not about to lend you any more cash—you already squandered the $100 away that I gave you! In my old age, I look back on my life and bemoan squandering away my youth. It makes me sad to think of her squandering her potential away in some dead-end office job.
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squander (something) on (someone or something)

To waste some resource by using it for the benefit of someone or something. I can't believe I squandered the best years of my life on you! So you're telling me that we squandered half a million dollars on a new infrastructure that is already outdated?
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squander something away

to waste something; to use up something valuable wastefully. Where is all the money I gave you last month? Did you squander it all away? Frank squandered away all his assets.
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squander something on someone or something

to waste all of something on someone or something. I am tired of squandering money on this rickety old house. I squandered a fortune on Roger and what did it get me?
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Is the Paradise Project squandering another such opportunity?
The Government was warned yesterday that it risked squandering the peace in Iraq as it announced 1,000 extra British troops are to be deployed to the Gulf.
Discontinuation from HIV medical care: squandering treatment opportunities, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 2003, 14(2):244-255.
OTTAWA -- A top bureaucrat with Health Canada tried to block an audit clause in a funding agreement with a Virginia Fontane Addictions Centre in Manitoba worth $16 million just three days after Health Canada completed an audit into money squandering by the centre, says an RCMP affidavit.
That made up for him squandering an easy black in the penultimate frame which would have virtually sealed victory.
They also show how Castro has failed to harness those lucrative connections by squandering resources on bankrupt socialist schemes.
He also demonstrates how the state's video-poker business targets the lower middle class: video parlors, says Plotz, are filled with "a whole lot of people who don't have too much money squandering it.
President Donald Trump accused Tehran of squandering Iran's wealth in part by supporting Hezbollah in his speech to the U.
THE considerable squandering of taxpayer money in the public health sector can only be resolved by implementing the national health scheme (Gesy), Health Minister Giorgos Pamborides told MPs on Monday.
CAIRO, Feb 21 (KUNA) -- A Cairo court acquitted Saturday ex-oil minister Sameh Fahmy in a retrial after 2012 conviction over charges of squandering public fund for selling Egyptian natural gas to Israel at below the market price.
Al-Maghrabi was cleared in May of squandering public money and illegally seizing state-owned lands worth EGP 25m.
We must concentrate on maximising their potential, not squandering it.
It was one-way traffic after that with Kilroot squandering chance after chance with Simon Hamilton, David Kidd, Darren McKinty and James Pherson all guilty.