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squander away

To use up or fail to take advantage of some resource in a wasteful, frivolous, or negligent manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "squander" and "away." I'm not about to lend you any more cash—you already squandered the $100 away that I gave you! In my old age, I look back on my life and bemoan squandering away my youth. It makes me sad to think of her squandering her potential away in some dead-end office job.
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squander (something) on (someone or something)

To waste some resource by using it for the benefit of someone or something. I can't believe I squandered the best years of my life on you! So you're telling me that we squandered half a million dollars on a new infrastructure that is already outdated?
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squander something away

to waste something; to use up something valuable wastefully. Where is all the money I gave you last month? Did you squander it all away? Frank squandered away all his assets.
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squander something on someone or something

to waste all of something on someone or something. I am tired of squandering money on this rickety old house. I squandered a fortune on Roger and what did it get me?
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He pointed out that the House of Representatives will question all ministers and other officials accused of corruption, and would not hesitate to question any official stole or squandered the people's livelihood," calling on the demonstrators to "continue to demand their legitimate rights, stressing that" the Iraqi constitution ensured the right to demonstrate and claim rights with the need to taking into consideration the difficult economic situation of the country.
These squandered funds could have achieved a lot of things for citizens," he said.
These included an estimated pounds 698m squandered on a Courts.
By nominating Miers, Bush seems to have squandered an opportunity to make a truly conservative shift in the court's makeup--and thereby squandered the freedoms of all Americans who still cling to the Constitution.
The Conservative party and social conservatives have the right idea--the billions of dollars to be squandered on daycare should be given to parents, who are demonstrably the best caregivers for their children.
People give lip service to "People are our most valuable resource," yet in worldwide research that Annunzio and her colleagues conducted, that value is being squandered, to say the very least.
Squandered Victory: The American Occupation and the Bungled Effort to Bring Democracy to Iraq By Larry Diamond Times Books, $29.
OUR investigation into expenditure at the country's biggest prison, Mountjoy, gives a frightening snapshot of Government money being squandered.
Opportunities can be either taken up or squandered, depending on the response of the city and area businesses.
By focusing on the development of the brain rather than culture and curriculum, progressives have squandered untold resources on unfruitful developmental research and theory, on stale positivism.
The older son grumbles, just as the Pharisees grumble at the beginning of this pericope, saying that his own loyalty is not acknowledged, yet the loyalty of "this son," who squandered his inheritance, is rewarded with a fatted calf.
New Government plans to resolve workplace disputes have been attacked by the TUC as a squandered opportunity that could increase the number of employment tribunal cases.
Yet she remained an influential advisor, particularly during her brother's absences in Italy, and devoted herself to a doomed attempt to protect the inheritance of her lineage through her sole surviving daughter, which was ultimately squandered in the folly of her son-in-law's treason.
and around the world because opportunities to save them are being neglected or squandered, often due to lack of followup.