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squander away

To use up or fail to take advantage of some resource in a wasteful, frivolous, or negligent manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "squander" and "away." I'm not about to lend you any more cash—you already squandered the $100 away that I gave you! In my old age, I look back on my life and bemoan squandering away my youth. It makes me sad to think of her squandering her potential away in some dead-end office job.
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squander (something) on (someone or something)

To waste some resource by using it for the benefit of someone or something. I can't believe I squandered the best years of my life on you! So you're telling me that we squandered half a million dollars on a new infrastructure that is already outdated?
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squander something away

to waste something; to use up something valuable wastefully. Where is all the money I gave you last month? Did you squander it all away? Frank squandered away all his assets.
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squander something on someone or something

to waste all of something on someone or something. I am tired of squandering money on this rickety old house. I squandered a fortune on Roger and what did it get me?
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While all the characters who sang live were very good, praise must go to the impressive vocals of Nikki Mae, who played Jill Squander.
The family unit, and Canada as a whole, can ill afford to squander what may be the last opportunity to overturn the same-sex "marriage" travesty foisted on this nation by the former Liberal government and its accomplices in the homosexual and left-liberal communities.
By looking at many civilizations in the past that once thrived and then collapsed, Diamond sees patterns of catastrophe in the way we now squander resources, pollute our environment, and disregard the warning signs.
During my working life I saw many competent doctors who earned a good living squander their financial resources by making bad financial decisions.
What we must not do now is to squander the peace for lack of political direction,' said Mr Ancram.
KUWAIT, March 23 (KUNA) -- National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim announced Monday that he has received a grilling motion from MP Rawdan Al Rawdan against Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdulmohsen Al-Madaj over "wasting small shareholders' rights and facilitating squander of public funds".
IT'S insanity for parents to squander pounds 31million a year kitting out their children for proms.
Doctors have urged NHS officials not to squander the country's network of community hospitals.
They squander their chances by failing to take full advantage of exemptions, reliefs, credits and overpayment rebates, by incurring fines through missing self-assessment deadlines and by not making inheritance plans.
Neither Britain nor our US allies should squander time, effort or resources on dubious 'Star Wars' protection against the improbable and distant threat of missile attack,' he continued.
Yet the remaining physical fabric was too precious to squander, so the house has been rebuilt under the auspices of the Informal Settlement Division of the Urban Foundation to serve as a social and administrative centre for the surrounding community.