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squabble about someone or something

to quarrel and disagree about someone or something. Please stop squabbling about Jeff, or I'll put him on my team so neither of you can have him. There is no need to squabble about the last piece of pie. There's more in the kitchen.
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squabble over someone or something

to fight over someone or something. Please don't squabble over me. I don't want to be chosen by any of you! Stop squabbling over money and go out and get a job.
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squabble with someone

to argue with someone. Please don't squabble with your sister! I wish that everyone would stop squabbling with me!
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squabble with something

to argue about something. I won't squabble with what you said, but you are wrong. One political party will squabble with any issue the other party brings up.
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corn squabble

n. a fight. (Perhaps referring to chickens fighting over corn.) Stop this silly corn squabble and let’s try to talk this through.
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In the 'Big Three Public Dialogue' of April 28, the leaders of the Nepali Congress (NC), the UML, and the Maoists exposed themselves as the old guard: high-caste men squabbling, noisily, about who among them will be the next prime minister.
We do believe that the bid requires some re-organisation and a new direction to allow the team to focus on winning the votes we need rather than domestic squabbling.
Financial and economic affairs committee chairman Isa Abu Al Fateh urged MPs to stop squabbling in open session, which he said was being broadcast live on radio and watched by the Press in the gallery.
Squabbling to get the post, which is the country's third-highest office, are Massimo D'Alema, the president of the Democrats of the Left party, and communist leader Fausto Bertinotti.
Squabbling over: The Hollywood golden couple's marriage breakdown in 2005
Together, the unlikely pair encounter a host of memorable characters including twin sideshow fat ladies, squabbling philosophers, an escape artist, and others.
So he can't truly referee disputes among squabbling divisions.
History, she noted, "gives you the sense of people in their own time--loving, living, squabbling.
Months of squabbling within the labor community over organization and campaign strategy have produced at least two competing groups aimed at raising soft money for grassroots mobilization and independent expenditures.
With Lurline's four sons (Michael, 44, Keith and Kenneth, both 42, and Darnell, 39) and Paul's son and daughter (Chad, 24, and Lisa, 39), the couple did not want their blended family squabbling over assets when they die.
When Edward suddenly dies, his devastated daughters begin making funeral arrangements, squabbling over every detail, including the generous will that their father left behind.
The two people on the floor represent (A) terrorists; (B) squabbling children; (C) Israel and the Palestinians.
Overlooking areas where right- and left-wingers could work together, we play home versions of papal power games, mentally "excommunicating" fellow Catholics who disagree with us or squabbling over definitions of "cafeteria Catholicism.
Internal squabbling at WBZ radio and television in Boston made the papers after a reporter from a competing TV station was interviewed on WBZ radio.
Charles Estepp deplores the squabbling that dominates racing politics, while no progress is made on the issue of pensions