squabble with (one)

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squabble with (one)

To argue, bicker, or quarrel with one. Look, I don't want to squabble with you about who's paying the bill. I'm going to pay for dinner, and you can buy our drinks wherever we go next, OK? It just feels like you start squabbling with me over the slightest issue!
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squabble with someone

to argue with someone. Please don't squabble with your sister! I wish that everyone would stop squabbling with me!
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squabble with something

to argue about something. I won't squabble with what you said, but you are wrong. One political party will squabble with any issue the other party brings up.
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References in classic literature ?
We should be in continual squabbles with our guides and porters, and completely exposed to their unbridled brutality.
Meanwhile, Nicoletta's Greek aunt Antonia squabbles with Steve about what should be served at dinner.
Where else could it end, if not with stars staging public squabbles with their screenwriters and directors?
There are squabbles among the DEA agents, squabbles between the agents and their bosses, squabbles with Washington, and more squabbles with the FBI, which is worried that the DEA's Operation Swordfish will undermine its own similar Operation Greenback, or that the DEA will hog the limelight if both operations succeed.