squabble over

squabble over (something)

To argue, bicker, or quarrel about something. Look, I don't want to squabble over the bill. I'm going to pay for dinner, and you can buy our drinks wherever we go next, OK? My parents were always squabbling over one thing or another, so no one was surprised when they finally got a divorce.
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squabble over someone or something

to fight over someone or something. Please don't squabble over me. I don't want to be chosen by any of you! Stop squabbling over money and go out and get a job.
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We can expect everything, from a couple who squabble over a cat named Bubbles to a man whose wife wants him to stop acting like a teenager and ditch his skateboards.
Prosecutor Mark Spackman said: "The incident began in what can only be described as a petty squabble over who was driving the police van that evening."