spurt out

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spurt out

1. To erupt or burst forth (from something) all at once or very quickly. He started to laugh and water spurted out of his mouth. You need to make sure this is sealed tight so oil doesn't spurt out while the machine is running.
2. To eject or spew out some liquid (from something) all at once or very quickly. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "spurt" and "out." The spout of the kettle started spurting out steam as the water inside began to boil. The geyser began spurting boiling-hot water out into the air.
3. To say something very quickly or abruptly. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "spurt" and "out." I was so embarrassed that I just spurted out an apology and ran out of the room. I hate having to keep a secret. I always feel like I'll end up spurting it out at any moment.
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spurt something out

to eject something in a stream. The octopus spurted its ink out as the scuba diver approached it. It spurted out all its ink.
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spurt out (of someone or something)

 and spurt (out) (from someone or something)
to squirt out of someone or something; to erupt in a stream out of someone or something. Hot lava spurted out of the volcano. Hot lava spurted out from the volcano. The blood spurted out from Walter where he had been slashed. Blood spurted from the wound. The fountain had a carved fish with water spurting from its mouth.
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Water spurting out of a damaged hydrant in Cardiff city centre yesterday
His intention in spurting out such a claim as well as the logical errors behind it have been debated.
On one, David Howells, 48, asked Glenn: "Didn't you walk through the room when it were spurting out?"
Glenn, now 17, replied: "It wasn't spurting out like that."
A file folder with a jet of water spurting out of it, for example, might well have been interpreted as a reference to an outdoor fountain, but the predominant association was art historical - it seemed to reference in particular Duchamp's urinal.