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all spruced up

Neat and clean. Typically said of something that is or was disorganized or in disrepair. We need to get this house all spruced up before the open house. This place was a wreck the last time I was here. I can't believe you got it all spruced up so quickly!
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*all spruced up

freshened up; tidied up; cleaned up. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; get someone or something ~.) Let's get the yard all spruced up for spring.
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spruce someone or something up

1. Lit. to tidy up and groom someone or something. Laura's mother took a few minutes to spruce her daughter up for the party. She spruced up her room each day.
2. Fig. to refurbish or renew someone or something. Do you think we should spruce this room up a little? Yes, let's spruce up this room with new furniture and drapes.
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spruce up

Make neat and trim, as in She spruced up the chairs with new cushions. This idiom originated in the late 1500s as simply spruce but had acquired up by 1676.
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spruce up

To make someone or something neat, elegant, and stylish in appearance: The new curtains will certainly spruce up this drab room. She spruced herself up and went out to dinner.
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Spruce needles, pinecones, and mosses blanketed the floor.
All were spruce, but pollen from the forest floor and surrounding lakes indicates pines and hardwood trees nearby.
We have a tradition of taking a double-spired spruce for our Christmas tree.
Slowly, the spruce tips to one side--the fall cushioned by the softness of its boughs--and comes to rest in the snow.
Perhaps thousands of spruce were planted throughout the Aleutians in the 1940s, but today the Adak Forest is the only significant result.
One of the interesting things about the spruce budworm, said Averill, is the random way it moves from place to place.
The spruce budworms infest the forest in their immutably random way, the beetles come in after the budworms weaken the trees, and because of that the Douglas-fir bark beetles have become killer bugs, boring into host trees by the thousands to carve their galleries and raise their families, in the course of which they choke off the transport of water and nutrients and sugars needed for cellular growth and import a deadly fungus into the bargain.
I described a stream alive with salmon fry, a new forest of fast-sprouting, nitrogen-releasing alder, one- and two-year-old seedlings of Sitka spruce and western hemlock, more berry bushes than I could classify, deer sign everywhere.
Writer Nancy Hanks reported in a special feature in Southeast Alaska's feature tabloid, New Alaskan, "Whitewater Bay was not only reforesting rapidly-18to 20-inch annual growth in 12-foot spruce, 10-foot-high elderberry, and six-foot salmonberry-but was breathing with animal life.
My spruces looked too frail to be out and about in a world filled with Russian thistles and wild roses and thorn bushes.
And I thought that with any luck at all those spruces will go on and on and on, carrying life in and with them, like three ships whose sails are set to haul some vital cargo far beyond this moment.
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