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With just five matches remaining Leipzig need to sprout wings if they are to bridge the six-point gap to tonight's visitors Darmstadt who occupy the league's promotion-playoff place.
e top three is completed by the surreal snub from Terry Pratchett's Small Gods where one of his characters, a tortoise called Om, tells another character: "May your genitals sprout wings and Y=y away.
Anyone needing to get to Halifax from Huddersfield for emergency help will need to sprout wings to fly over the traffic congestion.
Peter's horse is able to sprout wings, there's a miracle or two and - despite the period setting - Will Smith pops up in a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt as Lucifer.
Anyone who has ever driven through Abu Dhabi at rush hour has wished that, like Batman, his car could sprout wings and fly over the traffic jam.
OK, the teachers at Fly-by-Night Dance Theater can't promise that you'll sprout wings by the end of their Aerial Dance Bootcamp.
DOWNING READY TO SPROUT WINGS STEWART DOWNING has been backed to prove his England doubters wrong this summer by former Liverpool winger Steve McManaman.
Normality Returned HE LOOKED down into a pool and caught sight of His own image staring back, Wobbling and sinister, he broke the surface With his fingers, He had no desire to look upon himself; If only I could sprout wings and fly from this Earth, Great wings, long feathers hissing in the wind, Seeing the world unfurling beneath me, A bright picture on canvas and I upon it.
ANTICS First stirring of a springtime day, From kitchen crevice, crack and hole, An ant column is on the way, A single black speck comes to stay, Wee, meandering, scouting soul, First stirring of a springtime day, The army swarms - brook no delay, Your kitchen is a tasty stroll, An ant column is on the way, Across the threshold poison lay, Ensure your food is healthy, whole, First stirring of a springtime day, Try to outwit them as you may, You always pay a heavy toll, An ant column is on the way, Soldiers sprout wings, fly far away, But let another year unfold, First stirring of a springtime day, An ant column is on the way.
Cllr Maureen Rigg said: "We know we are not going to solve the problem on Yarm High Street until cars sprout wings.
Little has changed in the intervening year but that doesn't matter a jot because this is 90 minutes or so of sheer perfection from the subtle word-free antics of the red and yellow character's onstage arrival to the other-wordly sequence where the clowns sprout wings and glide their lantern-lit way through clouds of stake smoke to the mind and hairblowing second-half climax of the arc-lit snowstorm.
The opposition won't sprout wings and fly over the top of you
The girls cry; they stomp their feet, and some of them simply shake their hands madly in front of them, and these girls remind Passion more than anything of old women she's seen in her church, women with heavy hips and southern accents, women who've been saved all their lives and who are so clean and powerful and free that Passion is sure that at any moment they will sprout wings and soar straight through the church's ceiling and well beyond the heavens.
They were going to have to sprout wings to get past him.
He took the race by the scruff of the neck and said come catch me - they couldn't 'They were going to have to sprout wings to get past him.