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sprinkle (someone or something) with (something)

To cover or coat someone or something with lots of small drops or particles of something. I sprinkled the diorama with glitter to give it a festive look. The priest sprinkled the celebrants with holy water.
See also: sprinkle

sprinkle (something) on (someone or something)

To drop, disperse, or scatter small drops or particles of something onto someone or something. I sprinkled glitter on the diorama to give it a festive look. The priest sprinkled holy water on the celebrants.
See also: on, sprinkle
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Data in Table 3 and Figure 6 show how the MCs of the MPB logs changed after sprinkling and vat conditioning.
Clearly, water sprinkling is an effective method for increasing MPB log MC, particularly in the outer sapwood regions.
Citizens have demanded an inquiry to as to how the sprinkling system which was installed at the cost of millions rupees has gone out of order.
While symbolic actions such as the sprinkling of water may still take place, the presence and prayers of those gathered constitutes the blessing.