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spring up like mushrooms

To increase in number suddenly and rapidly (as mushrooms often do). Even though I'm constantly tending to my garden, the weeds just spring up like mushrooms nonetheless. I thought I only had a transmission problem, but other issues with the car are now springing up like mushrooms.
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spring to mind

To suddenly or immediately appear, materialize, or come to the forefront in one's mind. A: "What would you like to have for dinner?" B: "I'm not sure, nothing's really springing to mind." When it comes to crime thrillers, he's not a writer who springs to most people's minds, but his books are edgy, brilliant page turners.
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spring to life

1. To become lively or active. I'm not one of those people who just springs to life when my alarm goes off—I need to start my day with a lot of coffee.
2. To come into existence. This idea didn't just spring to life when I started writing it down—I'd been thinking about it for years.
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spring to life

Fig. to become suddenly alive or more alive. The party sprang to life after midnight. The city sprang to life at dawn.
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