spring to/into life/action

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spring to life

1. To become lively or active. I'm not one of those people who just springs to life when my alarm goes off—I need to start my day with a lot of coffee.
2. To come into existence. This idea didn't just spring to life when I started writing it down—I'd been thinking about it for years.
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spring into action

Fig. to suddenly begin moving or doing something. As soon as the boss came in the door, everyone sprang into action. Every morning, I jump out of bed and spring into action.
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spring to life

Fig. to become suddenly alive or more alive. The party sprang to life after midnight. The city sprang to life at dawn.
See also: life, spring

spring to/into ˈlife/ˈaction

(of a person or thing) suddenly become active or start to work: As soon as he heard the alarm bell, he sprang into action.This machine will spring into life at the touch of a button.
See also: action, life, spring
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These patches of neural tissue spring to action in deaf people who are using sign language or watching others do so, a new brain-scan study finds.
With this approach in place, when a vendor puts out an alert, we are ready to spring to action.
Some faults may appear dormant for hundreds of years, then spring to action.
Place SPOT, a small unobtrusive round "button", anywhere on the screen and it stays there, ready to spring to action.