spring out of

spring out

1. To issue forth from something in a constant gush or stream. Oil began springing out of the spot where my pickaxe struck the ground. Cracks began appearing along the dam and several jets of water began springing out.
2. To leap, dash, or pounce out (of something or some place). The kids sprang out of the house and jumped into their mother's arms the moment she got out of the car. I opened up the door to the disused shed, and a dang raccoon sprang out at me! I've never been one to spring out of bed in the morning. I always need a while to drag myself out from under the covers.
3. To emerge, develop, or issue forth (from some source or point of origin). The idea for the product sprang out of a need I recognized in poorer parts of the world. This is just one of the many bold new innovations springing out from the tech company.
4. To help or cause someone to escape from some place of confinement, especially prison. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "spring" and "out." A group of armed gangsters attacked the prison and sprang out the notorious crime lord. I swore to my brother that I would spring him out of that psychiatric hospital.
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spring out of something

to jump out of something. The cat sprang out of the closet when I opened the door. The boys sprang out of the cold water as fast as they could.
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