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The activity rolled out of Jun 42 - 48 put spreads with shares near $53 at that time and now the position is again being rolled to higher strikes, while increasing position size.
"Whereas traditional spreads with the likes of jam, jelly and peanut butter are typically used in conjunction with bread and more meal-oriented applications, chocolate spreads can be consumed in and outside of the context of meals," the Euromonitor report notes.
About 55% of consumers wish there were more nut-based and sweet spreads that offered health benefits, such as added vitamins or antioxidants, while nearly half (47%) prefer spreads with health claims over traditional varieties.
The less protection these bookmakers give themselves, in the form of the spreads with which they surround their prices, the more likely they are to quote spreads which represent value for money to their customers.
The narrowing of spreads with increasing activity implies that economies of scale may exist for the specialist.
Do consider secondary placement of spreads with prepared foods and in the bakery.