spread around

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spread around

1. To distribute some substance evenly over the surface of something or some area. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "spread" and "all over." Try to spread the icing around as evenly as you can with a spatula. We'll have to use rakes to spread the manure around the whole field.
2. To move across and cover some area; to be distributed or dispersed around (some place). The investigators began spreading around the site of the accident to determine what had happened. The infectious disease spread around the globe faster than anyone had predicted.
3. Of information, to disseminate around (some area or place). News of the CEO's affair spread around the office in a matter of hours. There are rumors spreading around that the government is on the brink of collapse.
4. To disseminate information around (some area or place). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "spread" and "around." She's been spreading gossip around to discredit her rival. Horse-mounted messengers were sent to spread the king's announcement around the region.
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spread someone or something around

to distribute people or things over an area. Spread the good singers around so they can help the others in the choir. Liz spread around the seeds so they would dry.
See also: around, spread

spread something around

to distribute news or gossip. Please don't spread this around, but Don ran away from home! Don't spread around that story!
See also: around, spread
References in classic literature ?
And when we see Jubiter Dunlap here spreading around in the very same disguise Jake told us HE was going to wear, we thought it was Jake his own self--and he was goo-gooing deef and dumb, and THAT was according to agreement.
However, she took to social media to end the gossip and wrote: 'I would like to clarify a rumour spreading around social media about me attempting suicide.
'At this time, we advise the rakyat to stay calm and ignore and fake news spreading around regarding disharmony in the country.
THE flu vaccine issued this winter only provides "low protection" against the main strain of the virus spreading around the UK, health experts have warned.
The State of Utah has significant numbers of Islamic communities and mosques spreading around, setting a perfect example of coexistence between people of different faiths, especially with the presence of a large number of churches in the area.
It is said that police forces are spreading around the city of Kirkuk , while the army is deployed in areas south and west of Kirkuk , while the Regional Guard / Peshmerga / are spreading north and east of the city since 2008 .
THE STORY A deadly virus is spreading around the world, with businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow the first to bring it to the uS.
Saudi Arabia's king on Wednesday ordered billions poured into a development fund that helps Saudis buy homes, get married and start businesses, state TV reported, as the oil-rich nation warily watches the unrest spreading around the Middle East.
The breakthrough means cancers can be "walled off" to stop them spreading around the body.
Summary: Lebanese singer Mai Hariri has been infected with the recent contagious virus spreading around Lebanon called Adenoviral
"One of our physiotherapists, Stuart Walker, has gone down with something similar (to Agbonlahor) so I'm hoping this won't be spreading around the team for the weekend," revealed O'Neill.
Swine flu, an airborne virus that could be lethal in rare cases, has been spreading around the globe over the past few months.
Vigilante movements and ideologies are spreading around the world, and GLOBAL VIGILANTES is the first book to provide a detailed overview of this movement, considering elements of modern vigilantism and its relationship to society and authority structures alike.
A lot of the material lower down the pile will be suitable for spreading around on top of the ready-dug soil where the worms will take it down.
The music played inside colorful, thickly populated nightclubs all over the United States and spreading around the world, cool jazz, red hot jazz, all manner of jazz, was not always viewed as art form.