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Following the injection of 14 mL of injectates, bilateral epidural spreading occurred in 83.8% of patients (124 of 148) at the L4-5 disc level and 85.4% of patients (170 of 199) at the L5-S1 disc level (Table 1).
Bathhouse owners, in turn, delegated responsibility to their patrons, who stopped using condoms and once again started spreading HIV and syphilis.
A very useful characteristic of the spreading demodulator is that signals which do not contain the correct code are spread by the same factor that the properly-coded signal is despread as shown in Figure 4.
However, while these rollers offer adjustable spreading action, they eventually lose their effectiveness because the rubber cords do not fully recover to their original state after continual stretching.
I remembered seeing tintypes of families just like ours, spreading their picnic lunch under this same tree 100 years earlier.
The consequences of this influenza spreading among people could be disastrous on a global scale.
The most dramatic differences from year to year were in spreading pattern, as shown in the contour map of peak ILI activity by week.
Such resistance is "patchy across Africa, but it's definitely spreading," says Read.
The international response to the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak, from March to July 2003, tested the assumption that a new and emerging infection--one that had not yet demonstrated its full epidemiologic potential but was spreading from person to person and continent to continent--could be prevented from becoming endemic.
But augmenting conventional measures with genetic engineering and other innovative approaches might pare down some vector populations and leave others incapable of spreading sickness, he says.
Rapidly spreading epidemic diseases, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), have the potential to cross interstate and international borders, potentially overwhelming the ability of any one jurisdiction to respond, despite the appropriate efforts taken by health officials.
In the February CANCER RESEARCH, a team of German researchers reported a study of batimastat--a drug developed to block metalloproteinases and thereby prevent primary tumors from spreading into surrounding tissues.
Companies spend several hundred million dollars annually on antivirus products and services, and they lose even more in downtime when they need to take their systems off-line to prevent viral infections from spreading.
He and his coworkers have experimented with spreading insecticides in mosquito-breeding sites before the arrival of rains, a tactic that could stem the spread of the disease.
Within 10 days, researchers sped to the ridge to witness the birth of new ocean floor through a process called seafloor spreading.