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Low budget and small resource organizations may increase their spreadability when targeting a niche group because "niche media content may accrue value at a different pace, on a different scale, through different infrastructure, and on the basis of different appeals than the highest-grossing commercial texts do" (p.
In the process of introducing this new concept of spreadability, the authors propose a ban on terms such as "viral" marketing.
These considerations point to a set of methodological strategies for studying network-archives: (a) identifying different imperatives of spreadability or logics of dispersal of content; (b) identifying the heterogeneous range of materials from various media genres and their combinations; (c) assessing the links between these media sources; and (d) identifying the logics of memorialization at work in the discourse.
Una evolucion reciente de la cultura participativa como concepto la desarrolla el mismo autor bajo el concepto de spreadability, el cual se refiere al potencial tecnico y cultural que tienen las audiencias para compartir contenidos, de acuerdo con sus propios propositos, algunas veces con el permiso de los propietarios y otras en contra de sus deseos.
It helps them stay fresh longer, it reduces the quantity requirements of eggs and fats, it reduces spattering during frying, and it improves textures, flavor (so industry insists), and spreadability in spreads like soft cream cheese and margarine.
El concepto de spreadability hace referencia a la expansion de una narrativa a traves de practicas virales en las redes sociales, aumentando de esa manera el capital simbolico y economico del relato.
While it is certainly disconcerting to know that the mutation of viruses continues unabated in our times, and that this particular strain has originated in the Middle East, we need to take comfort in the fact that the Mers virus lacks the spreadability of Sars and as such is not capable of leading to any large-scale infections of a mass of people at the same time.
The presence of ascending and descending curves forming hysteresis loops indicate that diclofenac sodium gel preparation possesses thixotropic properties which means it is easily applied to skin spreadability and well expressed from tubes.
The keys to Kerrygold extra's success are its excellent spreadability and easy handling due to its packaging in a 250g tub.
Paula Ellis: The spreadability of the YOUmedia model is important as we look at how it works in other libraries.
The plasticity of fats is due to crystallized material that forms a crystal network that entraps liquid oil, and many of the sensory attributes of fat and fat-structured food products--for example spreadability, mouth-feel, texture, and flavor--are strongly influenced by the physical characteristics of this fat crystal network.
Smectitic clays, such as bentonites, are the most widely used in peloid therapy, because of their high specific surface area, ion exchange properties, plasticity, expansibility, absorbing capacity and spreadability.