spread your wings

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spread (one's) wings

To start to use one's talents or abilities, or to start to experience new things for the first time. Likened to a bird opening its wings before starting to fly. I know if you just spread your wings, you'll be a really successful writer. But you have to start taking it seriously. Now that I'm finished school, I feel like I really want to spread my swings and see what's out there for me.
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spread your wings

COMMON If you spread your wings, you start to do new or more interesting things. Michelle has been in the show since she left school and feels like she needs to spread her wings. I was 23 and still living with my parents. I just felt it was time to spread my wings.
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spread (or stretch or try) your wings

extend your activities and interests or start new ones.
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spread your ˈwings

become more independent and confident enough to try new activities, etc: Studying at university should help you to spread your wings and become independent.
See also: spread, wing
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You will feel ready to spread your wings in every sense this September.
So spread your wings and take flight over holiday break.
And if you want to spread your wings further than South Wales then the voucher can be used to launch from Bath, Bristol or Cheltenham.
So this might be a good time to spread your wings and invest overseas instead.