spread with

spread (something) with (something)

1. To move, disperse, or be distribute some substance using some implementation. Why on earth are you spreading butter with a spoon? We'll need to spread the tar with a special kind of roller.
2. To cover or coat something with a layer of some substance. The crackers keep breaking apart in my hands when I try to spread them with peanut butter! I spent the day spreading the field with fertilizer.
See also: spread

spread something with something

to cover something with a coat of something. Using the roller, Judy spread the wall with a thick coat of pink paint. Spread the lasagna with a layer of cheese mixture and cover that with another layer of lasagna.
See also: spread
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So buying a spread with the "right balance" may not make as much sense as buying a spread that's high in mono- or polyunsaturated fat, which will counter (or balance) the fats in a typical American diet.