spread to

spread to (someone, something, or some place)

1. To move, disperse, or be distributed to another thing or place. Contact me as soon as possible if the rash spreads to any other part of your body. We need to contain the oil spill before it spreads to the river.
2. To cause something to move, disperse, or be distributed to another person, place, or thing. I always put a knob of butter in the middle the toast, let it get soft, then spread it to the edges. Please cover your mouth when you sneeze, or you'll spread germs to everyone in the house!
3. Of a condition or state, to extend to and affect or engulf some other place. The movement gained a footing in France, then spread to other countries around the world. The rioting began in downtown L.A., but quickly spread to the rest of the city.
4. To cause some condition or state to reach, affect, or engulf some other place. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "spread" and "over." The senator said that we should be trying to spread democracy to every corner of the world. The regime began spreading war to its neighboring countries in a bid to control the entire region.
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spread to someone or something

to expand or extend to reach someone or something. The epidemic finally spread to me and my family. The business slowdown spread to the West Coast.
See also: spread
References in classic literature ?
A year had not elapsed before the habit had spread to all but the very highest of the Nobility.
Insurance companies have what is often termed an interest-rate spread to cover expenses, benefit costs, and targeted profit margins.
the spread to be expected if only the bird species using the Caspian Sea flyway had been responsible for further spread.
H5N1 viruses grow so rapidly [in chickens] after infection that they spread to multiple organs, such as the lungs and brain," says Erich Hoffmann, a virologist at St.
As to the expected spread, unfortunately, at this time there is no reason to think beech scale will not spread to wherever there are beech trees.
By identifying which genes are overactive in certain breast tumors, researchers have discovered a genetic signature that could help doctors predict if and when a woman's cancer might spread to her lungs.
In this connection, note that the Conference Board, which added the yield curve spread to its index of leading indicators in 1996, announced in June 2005 that it will adjust its procedures so as to focus on the level and not on the change.
Without a doubt, the passing game is a must from this package, yet each year I find the spread to be our most effective run package as well--due to the advantages it creates.
Here, we're literally adding the point spread to the value of the stock which you can apply to the striking price.
In some models, the more fat animals eat, the more quickly breast tumors grow or spread to their lungs.
The precursor of the H5N1 influenza virus that spread to humans in 1997 was first detected in Guangdong, China, in 1996, when it caused a moderate number of deaths in geese and attracted very little attention (5).
Malaria parasites inside the engineered mosquitoes either can't mature or can't spread to new hosts when the insects feed.