spread over

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spread something over someone or something

to cause something to cover or be distributed over someone or something. The cloud spread its shadow over everyone at the picnic. We spread fertilizer over the prepared ground. He spread the work over a few weeks.
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spread over someone or something

[for something] to cover someone or something gradually. The shade slowly spread over the picnickers. Dusk spread its final shadows over the land.
See also: over, spread
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The universities side consisted of elite club cricketers from 10 academic institutions spread over the North working together to support the local community and charitable organisations.
Eighteen-year-old Nicky Peng, a rival to the Bears' Ian Bell for the accolade of the country's most potential-laden batsman, underpinned Durham's successful rearguard action with a courageous 70 spread over 139 minutes.
Gough ended a month on the sidelines, with a double calf tear, by bowling 14 overs, spread over three spells, for Yorkshire in the County Championship match against Warwickshire at Edgbaston.