spread onto

spread something onto something

 and spread something on
to distribute a coating of something onto something. Spread the butter onto the bread evenly. Spread on the butter evenly. Donna spread the paint on with a roller.
See also: spread
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The Sherwin-Williams/Hilliard s Creek site along with the Route 561 dump site and the United States Avenue Burn Superfund site, located in Gibbsboro, are sources of contaminated soil and sediment, which have spread onto a number of residential properties within Gibbsboro and Voorhees.
Despite the passing of four years, Trabzonspor's efforts are yet to yield positive results, and the bad blood between the two clubs has grown stronger and spread onto the pitch.
Gary Brandrick, senior fire safety manager, said: "Our firefighters concentrated on keeping the fire contained, especially given the close proximity of other premises, and worked tirelessly to ensure that the fire did not spread onto the petrol pumps.
What intrigued me most was watching the handfuls of lentils and wheat berries that Naneh (grandmother) had spread onto platters and covered with a wet cloth to germinate into beautiful mounds of brilliant green, just in time to grace the haft seen (seven S) table--the table of the seven items beginning with the letter seen or "S" that is so central to the Now Ruz celebrations.
Most synthetic proteins, however, are toxic to living cells and thus need to be washed off before cell suspensions are spread onto a new plate.
The benefits of this approach would be twofold: Producers would have a cost-effective way of mitigating odors and greenhouse gas emissions, and when the manure is eventually spread onto the fields as fertilizer, the added tannins would not pose a risk to the environment.
For food safety reasons, we do not allow butter to be stored at room temperature, which is the temperature necessary for butter to be easily spread onto a bagel or pastry,'' said Dunkin' spokeswoman Lindsay Harrington.
Spread onto dehydrator paper and dry until crisp, about 4 hours.
The flooding progressed downstream and spread onto the prairie through the weekend.
Spread onto the warm base and cover icing with chocolate.
Spread onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and bake for 15 mins, then allow to cool.
A selection of grains and legume seeds are spread onto the specialized growing trays and are watered at predetermined intervals with overhead sprays.
showed the Public Works Committee photographs of the area showing how the sumac trees from county property had spread onto his lot.